Flip-Me is Ultron's next collaboration (as well as a fresh chance to purchase future company shares!).

Following the global lottery, Ultron appears to be determined to continue (re)writing the future of the cryptographic world, announcing a new partnership with Flip-Me ,, a revolutionary player who promises to build a bridge between the banking world and cryptocurrencies that is simple and accessible to all.

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Flip-Me, like LottoDay, intends to bring the DeFi Revolution to payment systems. Four primary issues that any user experiences while entering the cryptocurrencies market can be solved in one fell swoop.


1. Currently, 70% of the global population is unfamiliar with or skeptical of cryptocurrencies. Additionally, the purchasing procedure can be complex and involve multiple intermediaries. With Flip-Me, everything will happen with the ease of a regular home-banking transaction, including how to buy pounds for your next vacation to England!
2. 38% of the population that have cleared the first obstacle face challenges with financial institutions blocking bitcoin funds due to company restrictions. Flip-Me will have no blocks because it is a banking institution and the intermediary for cryptocurrencies will be the same. thing!
3. Approximately 84% of the global public is concerned about scams and frauds on unregulated platforms and may have experienced them themselves. Flip-Me will work by ensuring transaction security and providing a verified platform for swapping money.
4. Approximately 21% of the world's population (1.7 billion people) lacks a current account for various reasons, including outdated banking practices that prevent them from opening one. Adoption: Flip-Me was designed to fit comfortably in your pocket or on your smartphone, allowing you to deposit your income, get staking winnings, and use the attached virtual and physical cards without the need for offices, counters, or long lines.


Some of the features made available by Flip-Me

By purchasing an NFT Payment Hub, you will become a co-owner of the Flip-Me platform's intellectual property rights. You will receive a payout for every FIAT trade that is conducted on the platform. You will receive a dividend for each subscription to a plan that allows you to utilize the numerous credit cards accessible on Flip-Me. You will receive a dividend on commissions produced by POS transactions or online payments made through your Flip-Me account.
By purchasing a Payment Hub NFT, you effectively become a "shareholder" of the bank, rather than just an account holder.


The rewards will be distributed according to the Payment Hub NFT that is owned, keeping in mind that each NFT has a maximum gain (Max Payout) that can be obtained from the distribution of the rewards. For instance, you can obtain a maximum payout with an NFT LUXURY VILLA (worth 1500 USDT) that is five times higher than the cost of the NFT, or up to 2000 USDT, if you have an NFT SKYLINE PENTHOUSE NFT (worth 500 USDT).


Pre-sales stage, distribution on the total supply of 50M USDT
The presale will be broken up into six stages that will happen one after the other, each with a maximum USDT allotment. At the time of posting this article Stage 1 and Stage 2 are already fully sold and we are selling fast the Stage 3.
The stages will differ in terms of:
Purchasers in the first stage have received the highest Revenue Share Point (RSP) score which is equivalent to a faster rate of reaching the maximum reward available for the NFT purchased (for example, with the purchase of a 300 USDT

TROPICAL BEACH HOUSE NFT in the first stage, they will to reach the maximum rewards, i.e. 900 USDT, in half the time it would take to purchase the same NFT on other stages.
A portion of the "dividend flows" (Revenue Share), which will allow NFT buyers who buy in one of the first three phases to receive twice as many rewards, cutting down on the amount of time needed to obtain the maximum reward in half!
How to ensure you don't miss the presale!
The pre-sale of Payment Hub NFTs will take conducted on the MaVie platform, which currently hosts Ultron's Staking Hub NFTs, thanks to the relationship with Ultron Foundation. Thus, you may get started by making a MaVie account.

Enabling two-factor authentication and finishing a KYC with an email address check are still necessary steps in the registration procedure. After registering and activating, you can choose which Staking Hub NFT to buy.

Purchasing an NFT Staking Hub initiates a 5-year staking plan that offers the following features and is activated upon purchase:
• Interest rates in ULX with auto-staking (or compound interest) option enabled are 0.2% daily (6% monthly); this allows your staking money to grow quickly as daily 0.2% is based on the deposit that was increased by 0.2% the day before;
0.1% daily interest (3% monthly interest) on ULX without an active auto-staking option; this allows you to withdraw 0.1% of your capital daily while maintaining a constant staking capital;
vesting, or the unwinding of invested funds, over a period of five years, with a progressive unlocking of the acquired ULX (with the option for withdrawal or holding in staking): thirty percent after a year, twenty-five percent after a year, twenty percent after thirty months, fifteen percent after forty-eight months, and ten percent after sixty months.
After choosing your preferred plan, the platform will provide you with a summary along with the purchase method. This technique entails transferring the amount of USDT to an address that will be shared upon creating the "order" on the BSC BEP-20 network (which is suggested) or TRON TRC-20.
After the order has been created, just transfer the designated amount to the wallet that the platform communicates (be mindful of the transfer fees). Your Staking Hub will then be enabled and begin generating passive income shortly after.

One of the Payment Hub NFTs selected from those up for Flip-Me presale can be purchased in a manner entirely comparable to that of acquiring the Staking Hub NFT,.
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Last Thoughts

I want to make a few crucial points clear: This is not financial advice because I am not one (I'm Not a Financial Advisor; Not a Financial advice) . Moreover, please note that I am not a journalist and that the content you are reading is not news; rather, I am merely outlining the findings I came to after conducting what is known as "DYOR," or "Do Your Own Research," and I urge you to follow suit.


Lastly, keep in mind that the returns on my investments might not be repeatable. For this reason, even though we are strangers, I feel compelled to counsel you to invest only the amount of money you can afford to lose, which doesn't alter your life, and most importantly, isn't the whole amount of money that is accessible.
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